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Hiroyuki Mizuno


Black belt in Brazulian Jiu Jitsu and Traditional Japanese Jiu Jitsu


DOB : Dec 08 1974


Mizuno is the one of few Jiu Jitsu instructors in Japan who has acquired solid techniques ranging from basic to mastery obtained while in Brazil. His Brazilian black belt, which was awarded by Romero Cavalcanti Jacare and Rubens Cobrinha Charles, was the first ever to be bestowed upon a Japanese Jiu Jitsu trainee. Mizuno also possesses a black belt in Traditional Japanese Jiu Jitsu and is extremely knowledgeable in his mastery of the body without the use of physical force. His teaching method is both detailed and precise and his patience in providing instruction is both respected and appreciated by his many students.


The emphasis on proper guidance in the instruction of each individual ensures that classes provide students with a rewarding and enriched learning experience. Classes are instructed in Japanese. As such, students are encouraged to have a basic understanding of Japanese in order to obtain the maximum benefit from instruction.






2017 JJFJ All Japan Championship - 2 Gold medals

2017 Abu Dahbi Grand Slam - Gold medal

2016 Japan Championship - Gold medal

2012 East Japan Regional - Gold and Bronze medals

2011 Japan Championship - Gold medal

2011 Rickson Gracie Cup - Gold medal



  2017 Asia Championship – Bronze medal

  2008, 2009 and 2010 Pan American Championship - One Silver and two Gold medals

2006 International master &sinior- Bronze medal

2005 International master &sinior- Silver medal


San Paulo Provincial

2006 Paulista Championship - Silvermedal


Trained in Sao Paulo 2005 and 2006

Learnt authentic Brazilian techniques at prestigious "TT Dijo". Directly instructed by Rubens

Cobrinha Charles



Began BJJ in 2000




Masugata Tama-ku




Time table


monthly  visitor ¥12,000


Praivate lessons per hour ¥13,000